Summer 2018 Parents Group

This Parents Group are for those with children who find it difficult to join a regular small group.


This group is for parents with children who find it difficult to join a regular small group. We know there are unique challenges for parents with children, therefore this group will be less strict on the commitment to coming every week (we know things happen when you have kids!) and will not be size-limited like other small groups. Children are a fantastic blessing from God, but sometimes you need fellowship with other people who understand the struggles of being a parent, so let’s come together as fellow parents and encourage and support each other by seeking God together.

The structure of this group will be as follows. One Sunday a month the mothers will meet for a discussion in the side room while the fathers watch the children in the main room (and talk less formally), and one Sunday a month the fathers will meet while the mothers watch the children. All other Sundays in the month the group will meet together in the main room with the children. Every member (or couple) will be asked to lead the discussion at least once, but this isn’t a high-pressure situation, so don’t be worried about that. See you all there!
TYPE: English Only
FOCUS GROUP: PARENTS (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays @ 12pm
LOCATION: Hope Hall Room 204
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible)