2018 Church-Wide Bible Reading Plan

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Join Others in the Church in a Group Plan via the YouVersion Bible App

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s never too late to join in!

Didn’t sign up before the plan started? It’s not too late! Use the links below to join now and start reading with us today. The plans below accurately reflect the schedule the church is following no matter when you join them, so you can always be sure you are on track with us, even if you are only joining in the middle. Don’t miss anything more, join today!

We encourage everyone to join one of our group reading plans using one of the four links shown here. These groups are targeted to contain 100 members each and can only be joined using the links below. They are unique to our church and will provide you with a large community to be part of as you are reading. Developing the habit of living in God’s Word is difficult, and we are not meant to walk this Christian life alone. We need you! Please follow one of these links to join in our Church-wide Bible-reading movement.

The benefits of being a part of a group plan is that it helps with accountability and there is a chat feature at the end of each day’s reading for you to discuss and encourage each other.

Group Plan Host: Jordan Guanga
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Group Plan Host: Mark Kim
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Group Plan Host: Matt Kim
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Group Plan Host: Matt Parker
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Group Plan Host: Yun Chung
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Need help figuring out how to set up the YouVersion Bible App to join a group plan?
Group Plan Bible Reading Plan Starting Guide.pdf

Group Plan FAQ:

Why should you join a big group plan?

  1. We are reading the plan as a church, so joining one of these groups connects you with the larger church. You will feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself and be more likely to be excited and keep reading.
  2. Bigger groups mean more people are commenting, which means even if a lot of people have nothing to say that day, still somebody should have something to say, which will build everyone up more.
  3. These big groups will continue all year, so you will have continuity that you wouldn’t have if you joined smaller groups or went in and out of groups.
  4. Since members from many small groups will be in each of these larger groups, the ideas shared in each small group can propagate across the entire church, bringing us together more and creating more unity, even for the members who couldn’t manage to join a small group each term.
  5. Four large groups means 6-8 small group leaders can be in each group, as well as a number of other ministry leaders. That is a lot of quality leadership in each group that you can connect with should you have any questions as we go along.
  6. This push isn’t just about reading the Bible, it is also about developing unity among the believers centered around the Bible. For people you already know, smaller kakao groups built around this effort should be plenty, but we want unity among the church at large as well, so it is for the best to join the larger groups to share in this larger unity.
  7. We know this is hard! People will go through rough patches or drop out for some time, but joining the big plan will make sure you have daily reminders and people commenting every day that you can come back to.

What if I want to read from a paper Bible?

  1. Great! Join the big group to share what you get out of it! This is a communal reading effort–be part of the community no matter how you actually read things.
  2. The electronic plan can easily keep you on schedule with daily updates and reminders to read from your paper Bible.
  3. The electronic plan includes the devotional for the day, so you don’t need to look it up every day somewhere else.
  4. If you have trouble focusing one day, use the audiobible feature to have the app read the day’s reading to you.
  5. Being in the group will help you feel more connected to the church as a whole reading together, which will help you stay on target and be in unity with the believers.

What if I don’t think I will have anything to contribute or am shy about posting/commenting?

  1. Being part of a larger group means there is less pressure on you personally to contribute every day, but you can still get a lot of out what everyone else posts. You may not be ready to share yet, but the more you get out of what other people share, the sooner you too will be ready to give back to the Church.
  2. The more you read, the more God will personally show you. The more he shows you, the more you will be able to share.
  3. If you have questions, there will be plenty of leaders in the group who have the knowledge and experience to help you.
  4. Confidence is something you can get from knowing who you are in God. Reading all together with us can help you know Him better and gain more confidence!

What if I want to join a small reading group with my friends?

  1. Join the same big group as your friends and use kakao for sensitive discussions! Then you can still share with the larger group the things that are appropriate there and build up the body of Christ.
  2. Since it is hard to maintain truly daily reading, why set yourself up for failure? If several of you miss it for awhile, the rest of the group will be disheartened. Yes, they might call you out on it, but it will make it that much harder for all of you. Being in a big group will mean there are always some people commenting that you can glean from and come back to. There is a much smaller chance of feeling like everybody dropped out. Your smaller group can still hold you accountable in a private kakao group or personal

*see below for more information about the Bible Reading Plan and the YouVersion Bible App

Bible Reading Plan

We will be following the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version) along with the Daily Devotional Supplement For the Love of God, Volume 2: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God’s Word

About the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version)
The benefit of the M’Cheyne Plan (D. A. Carson Version) is that it gives readers doses of both Old Testament and New Testament. Sometimes when reading through the Bible, it can get a little tough in the Old Testament. Not only that, you eventually find yourself longing for Jesus and the gospel. But in traditional plans, you won’t get to the New Testament until towards the end of the plan. In the M’Cheyne plan, you get two readings of the Old Testament and two readings of the New Testament, usually 4 chapters a day. This way you can really pause and meditate on different parts of Scripture instead of feeling like you are rushing through a chunk of Scripture at once.

About the Daily Devotional Supplement (For the Love of God, Volume 2)
D. A. Carson’s For the Love of God, Volume 2 devotional is the perfect companion to the M’Cheyne Plan. The devotional focuses on one of the chapters read that day, especially helping orient the reader in the grand narrative of Scripture.

The Plan (via YouVersion Bible App)

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version) with For the Love of God, Volume 2 Daily Devotional Supplement Included
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Need help with the Bible app?
A table will be set up Sundays 12/17, 12/24, 12/31 following each service to help people set up the plan and join a group

The Plan (as a printout)

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version) PDF
(Right Click, Save As) Download M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version) PDF

For the Love of God, Volume 2: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God’s Word (FREE PDF)
(Right Click, Save As) Download For the Love of God Volume 2

The Plan (on the web)

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (D. A. Carson Version) On Biblegateway.com
Go to Today’s Reading On Biblegateway.com

For the Love of God, Volume 2: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God’s Word (WILL OPEN AS A PDF)
OPEN PDF For the Love of God Volume 2

Bible Reading Tips

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Bible Reading Resources

The Bible Project

Blue Letter Bible

more resources to be added…

Bible Reading Plan General FAQ

    1. Which version should I read?

You can read any version you want. However, we usually preach from the English Standard Version (ESV), so if you are able, read from the ESV.

    1. I missed a day. What do I do?

If you miss a day, week etc…, don’t worry. Just pick up with the current day’s reading. Don’t be stressed with having to catch up (unless you can!) . While the goal is to read through the Bible in a year, the bigger goal is to develop a habit of being in God’s word daily and to meditate on it.

    1. YouVersion Bible App: It’s past January 1 and I want to set up the plan

1) Join in one of our group plans that have been going since January 1. See above for links to join a group plan.
2) You can set up a private plan on the app and change the start date back to January 1 so that the current day’s reading is the correct reading. For information on how to do so, go here. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to push a start date of a plan back on a group plan. If you want to take part in a group plan, please join in one of the existing group plans that other church members are already in.