Lead Where You Are Part 4

There are so many wonderful lessons in life that we can and should learn from.  Hopefully we will be wise and apply the godly principles that will form us into greater leaders/servants for Christ.  However, there are also great lessons can we learn from the mistakes we have made as well as the mistakes of others.  This week Pastor Doug asked the question, “What is the biggest mistake you have ever made, what is the biggest problem you have?”  As we look at the life of King Nebuchadnezzar we gain valuable insight on his mistakes so that we wont foolishly repeat them.  Watch the message and check your heart and see if you are making the same mistakes King Neb made, and if you are be quick to ask God for help in order to change.

Biggest Mistakes Leaders Shouldn’t Make: [Not necessarily in order of priority]

  1. Not Seeking After God
  2. Asking the Wrong people for the Right Advice
  3. Being afraid to tell the truth because you don’t want to offend
  4. Prideful, arrogance, self reliance – which Edges God Out “EGO”

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