Bimonthly Communion Service via Zoom

NHM Bimonthly Communion Service via Zoom

Due to COVID, NHM hasn’t been able to partake in communion together in 2020.
However, in 2021, we will be holding special communion services via Zoom bimonthly.

Please make sure to read everything carefully.

Who can attend?

You are invited to join our Zoom communion services if:

  • You consider NHM to be your home church community.
  • You profess Jesus Christ to be your personal Lord and Savior.
  • What do I need to prepare in advance?

    Conducting a virtually-led communion service is full of many logistical challenges. After careful consideration on how to go about it, we came to the decision to have participants prepare the communion elements themselves, rather than us preparing and distributing them (e.g. via pickup, via mail).

    However, in order to maintain a sense of unity during the communion service, we are asking participants to prepare the same elements (as much as possible).

    So please prepare the following 2 elements before the communion service. You should easily be able to find these items at your local convenience store (편의점).

    1) For the Bread
    아이비 or 참 크래커 (see picture below)
    (basically Korea’s version of Saltine crackers)

    2) For the Wine
    델몬트 포도 주스 (see pictures below)
    (Del Monte Grape Juice)

    Please prepare a cracker on a small plate and the juice in a small cup.

    Bimonthly Communion Service Schedule

    Sunday 2/7, 7pm-7:45pm
    Easter Sunday 4/4, 7pm-7:45pm
    Sunday 6/6, 7pm-7:45pm
    (Next communion service: TBA)

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