NHM Bimonthly Communion Service via Zoom

  • Thank you for wanting to join in our Bimonthly Communion Service on Easter Sunday 4/4 from 7pm-7:45pm. Please fill out this form and we will email you back with the communion service zoom link.
    In order to make sure we are able to accommodate everyone in our Zoom service, we ask that each person wanting to join in the service sign up to receive the zoom link as this helps us keep track of how many people will attend.

    The exception to this is if two or more people will be joining the zoom meeting together on one screen. In that case, one person can register on behalf of the others. We still ask that each participant meet the guidelines as stated in the "Who can attend?" section.
  • Is NHM your home church community?

    Due to the nature of the service, we ask that you consider NHM to be your church community to participate. If NHM is not your home church, we ask that you submit to and participate in your home church's activities.
  • Confession of Faith

    Due to the nature of the service, we ask that all participants consider Jesus to be their personal Lord and Savior to partake of communion.
  • Once you click the submit button, you will be redirected to a page indicating that you have successfully submitted this form.