Community Groups

NHM Community Groups

At New Harvest Ministry, our hope is that all of our members are a part of a community group. Coupled with participating in our weekly Sunday worship services, our community groups are the best way to get plugged in and start doing life together as God designed.

As such, a distinctive feature of our community groups is that they are community-centered rather than curriculum-centered. That means our groups are people focused. Our hope is that in and through our community groups, we will be able to practice true Christian fellowship and embrace each other the same way Christ has embraced us. Our hope is that each of our community groups will be marked by sharing life together, accountability, encouragement and confession. We hope that we can be real with each other, dropping all pretenses and simply coming in our weakness and brokenness. Then we can extend the same love that Christ has freely shown to us to each other, as we receive and experience his grace, mercy, forgiveness and healing through our striving to practice genuine Christian community.

Having said this, please know that Christian community is messy. Loving people is not easy. None of our groups are perfect. And we are okay with that. While we will continue to try and get better at practicing true community, ultimately what holds our communities together is not how well we are at doing community together, but rather what holds our communities together is how much God has loved and accepted us through the cross of Christ. We are righteous not because we have earned it nor can we ever earn it, but because when God sees us, he sees Christ’s costly righteousness freely gifted to us.

Who is able to join our community groups?

Anyone is welcome to join in our community groups as long as you:

  • Consider NHM to be your home church community (in Korea, for those from abroad). If you are a part of another church community in Korea, we ask that you be faithful to your church community and participate in their community groups.

  • You are able to comfortably converse in English. As we are an English-speaking ministry, all of our ministries are conducted in English. If you are unable to comfortably converse in English and your native tongue is Korean, we ask that you join a Korean-speaking community group at one of the many Korean-speaking ministries available within Korea (e.g. Sarang Church’s Korean Ministry Small Groups). If your native tongue is not Korean and you are unable to find a church community conducted in your native tongue, you are welcome to join our groups, again, as long as you can understand and communicate your thoughts in English.
  • Community Groups Structure

    Our community groups are currently organized around a three term structure (Spring Term, Summer Term, Fall Term)
  • Each group per term meets for 2 1/2 -3 months (usually 12 meetings).
  • Each group has a maximum of 12 members per group not including the community group leader.
  • Sign ups for each term happen during the months of January, May and September, respectively.
  • Each group starts at the same time and ends at the same time.

  • Our community group meetings are composed of three components:
  • Fellowship (e.g. sharing a meal together, ice breakers, worship)
  • Weekly Sermon Discussion and Reflection
  • Sharing and Praying for Each Other

  • Of course, the hope is that our interactions will not be limited to just the community group meetings, but that fellowship will happen outside the meetings as well.

    6 Month Community Home Groups (beta groups)

    In addition to our regular community groups, we also have community groups that specifically are designed to meet in the home of a member. Members would share a meal in the home setting each time they meet. These groups maintain the same philosophy as our regular community groups, except that these groups meet for 6 months (essentially the duration of 2 CG terms combined). Those who sign up for a Community Home Group are committing to the group for the full 6 months. Community Home Groups have a maximum of 10 members not including the community group leader and host(s).

    Beta Groups?
    Community Home Groups are a new venture here at NHM. That said, to start off, Community Home Groups will be limited in availability as we work to establish and strengthen them. Our hope is to increase long-term community groups that meet in the home in future terms. We ask for your patience and prayer in this time for this as we working towards achieving this.

    Summer 2021 Term Catalog

    1) Please sign up for one community group only. Signing up for more than one group takes away a spot for another person wanting to join.
    2) Please read the descriptions carefully so you register for an appropriate group. Doing so will ensure you get into the right group and not have to sign up again, as groups might become full when you try to sign up again.
    Sign Ups Begin Sunday, May 2 at 8pm
    Gatherings Begin the Week of May 23
    ONLINE COMMUNITY GROUPS will always meet online (e.g. Zoom) throughout the entire term.
    OFFLINE COMMUNITY GROUPS will physically gather for every meetingĀ unless prohibited by the government or due to church leadership discretion will it go online.
    No 6 Month Community Home Groups Starting in the Summer 2021 Term
    6 MONTH COMMUNITY HOME GROUPS will physically gather for every meetingĀ unless prohibited by the government or due to church leadership discretion will it go online.