New to New Harvest?

about us/contact info can be found here

First of all, WELCOME!

Hopefully, taking a look through our website has given you a glimpse of our ministry. But the best way to get a feel of our ministry is to come and join us for our Sunday Worship and then afterwards, come and stop by our Meet and Greet Table to say hello! (see below)

But here is a glimpse of our ministry philosophy, our DNA so to speak (we expand on these principles more in our membership class)

We believe that less is more, and simple is better than complex

We are not about having many, many programs (as great as they might be), rather we focus on the things that are essential like our sunday worship services and our small groups.

We hold to a “side-by-side” philosophy rather than a “top-down” philosophy

Members do the ministry with pastoral and leadership support. Rather than the pastors making sure every need is met, we walk alongside our members as they serve the community and are committed to ways they feel led by God to serve. As a pastor once said, it is not about the church fulfilling the pastor’s ministry, but it is about the pastors’ empowering the members to live our their callings.

Another way we live this out is through our group prayer times on Sundays. We take time in our service to gather into groups of 3-4 to get to know each other and more importantly pray for each other’s prayer requests.

Take a look at how NHM does group prayers!

Meet and Greet

**gathers each Sunday in the back of the room next to the Welcome Table**


After the Sunday Worship Gathering, we would love for you to join us for a quick meet and greet (5-10 mins). This will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our ministry and also answer any questions you may have. Also, if you are interested, we can also let you know how to plug into our community. If not, no worries, having you come by just so we can say hello would mean a lot!

Afterwards, if you are interested, feel free to join us as we hang out and grab a cup of coffee together at a nearby cafe. Our treat!