Elementary Ministry

Welcome to our Elementary Ministry (Grades 1-5)

We strive to instill in kids a love for God, His Word, and His people.

Welcome & Snack Time

*The goal of this time is to spend time building intentional relationships where kids feel comfortable and safe sharing and discussing and to encourage a value for fellowship and community.

Bible Memory Time

*The goal of this time is to build the habit of hiding God’s word in our heart and to have a basic understanding of Old/New Testament, the Books of the Bible, Biblical context, and value of scripture memory.

Prayer Time

*The goal of this time is for students to see the importance of prayer, to have time to share prayer requests, be in awe at God’s answer to prayer and spend time in prayer.

Bible Teaching Time

*The goal of this time is to dive deep into the stories of the Bible. To study the context and background of the story and how that story plays a role in God’s ultimate plan. To recognize that God always had a rescue plan and our need for a rescuer and His love He freely gives that cannot be earned.

Bible Response Time

*The goal of this time is to create a space for students to reflect on the story and to respond to it through art, discussion, or other means.