2018 Winter Short-Term Missions

Those interested in participating in our winter short-term missions can apply through here.


Thailand Missions Team will be serving at Childlife, which is located in Maesai, Chiang Rai, on Dec 22 (Sat) to Dec 29 (Sat) **arriving Seoul on Dec 30(Sun).

This group is for:

1) Those who are serious about missions, and feel called to serve on a short term missions team.

2) Those who are unsure about going on the missions trip yet, but may be able to go, or those who want to be part of the team, going through training and preparation (12 weeks) and be part of prayer support for the team.

About Childlife ministry:-

– Childlife was started in 1999 by Mr. Guljohn Jeamrum (Kru Ngaow) and offers shelter to stateless orphans and other disenfranchised peoples along the border of Thailand and Myanmar, popularly known as the Golden Triangle.

– New Harvest Ministry has an established relationship with Childlife, and seeks to support the organization rescue and disciple children at risk of human trafficking, with the goal of seeing them grow up to advance God’s Kingdom in the area.

What will we do during missions?

– First of all, we believe that God’s ministry is not just by doing lots of work, but to walk together with His people in their lives, and this is how we can really show love and care.

– Therefore, in order to walk together in others lives, the team will be staying in the Childlife shelter, and spend the whole week doing activities, experiencing the local culture in order to minister to the local people through understanding their culture, way of living, and building personal relationship with them.

– To physically support the local missionaries/staffs in daily task and spiritually support them through building relationships and praying together with them.

– Members will also be asked to prepare a short personal testimony or sermon to share with the children and staff.

– To play games, worship, and most importantly, to pray, pray and pray together with the children.

Things to expect after sign up:-

1) All who signed up for the missions team will have to go through an interview with the leader (either through phone calls or individual meeting).

2) Members who passed the interview will be going through 3-hour training per week, for a total of 12 weeks before departing for missions work. Please expect extra time commitment if there’s any VBS activities preparation (such as dance, arts and craft, games) is needed.

3) The training time is tentatively set as 3.15pm on Sunday, and may subject to change if necessary.

4) After training has started, all members are required to commit to ALL meetings and complete the given reading/assignments if any, also to be accountable with other members on the team.

5) The team will follow the church-wide bible reading plan, and will be using separate training material, which will be informed later.

*Please DO NOT register for another small group if you have decided to join the missions team.

**PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL after you’ve turned in your registration, to schedule an interview call with the leader.

***For questions regarding Thailand Missions, please Email: Samantha (click here to email)
TYPE: English Only

FOCUS GROUP: THAILAND MISSIONS TEAM SMALL GROUP (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays @ 3:15pm
LOCATION: Hope Hall Room tbd
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: costs associated with going on the trip (tbd)
This small group is for the Japan Winter Missions 2019 to Fukuoka, Japan.

DATES: 1/17 (Thu) -1/21 (Mon), 2019

One task Jesus lastly commissioned us to do is to: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” – Matthew 28:19

But, why Japan? Today, Japan is referred as “the missionary’s graveyard”, with less than 1 percent of the country Japan being evangelical Christian. Japan is, in fact, the second largest, most unreached people group in the world. People simply overlook Japan as a mission field, because it is one of the most developed, first world country, and try to focus on places that are more needy. However, people don’t realize how spiritually needy Japan is. Even for one person to be reached out to and become a true disciple of Christ, it first takes many months or even years of building relationship with the local missionaries. So “the missionary’s graveyard” may not necessarily mean physical deaths of the missionary, but often in termination of missionary career.

1. We Want to Make Disciples in Fukuoka, Japan, So We Can…

(1) encourage and equip the local church members to spread the Gospel, especially in the city of Fukuoka

(2) evoke the affirmation of members’ faith and promote the second leap of faith to further His kingdom

(3) experience and witness God’s work in Japan and return to share with and help equip others at NHM

(4) continue the long-term relationship and accountability we have established with Fukuoka Agape Christ Church

2. This Is How We Will Reach Out to the Locals in Fukuoka, Japan:

(1) College Ministry – the local missionaries often spend months and/or years reaching out even to one student, so we will help out with Thursday Campus Ministry Night, inviting and building relationships.

(2) Youth Group – teach and train the youths at Fukuoka Agape Christ Church to be true disciples of Christ.

(3) Street Evangelism – go into the streets and invite local Japanese people who otherwise would never have a chance to come to church by witnessing to them through invitational evangelism, so that they may encounter Christ alongside with our team and the church in Fukuoka.

(4) Sunday Worship Services – we serve three worship services at Fukuoka Agape Christ Church sharing our testimonies and other soft resources for bible studies and worship leading.

(5) Member Care – we intently will try to build relationship with the church leaders and members, so we can mutually encourage and be encouraged to grow in Christ.

3. This Fall, Japan Winter Missions 2019 Small Group:

This fall as a missions team to Japan, we will study both the book of Ephesians and Philippians. Being on missions doesn’t begin when your plane touches down. It begins in our day to day walk with the Lord. Which is much easier said than done. Together as a Japan Missions Team, we will examine how faith and works are practiced in our daily lives. Our hope and goal is to delve deeply into the Word; learn to be loved by God and to love others; encourage one another so we can help grow and challenge one another into a deeper faith relationship with Jesus.

We Will Focus on:

(1) Studying God’s Word – the book of Ephesians and Philippians, to carry His Good News and make disciples

(2) Experiencing God at work in us and through us, as we learn to be loved by God and love others

(3) Developing relationship with one another to grow and apply the Gospel in life and on mission

(4) Praying and building accountability for one another to witness the power of our Lord Jesus

(5) Cultivating a heart of servanthood and unity to work as a team on mission and then onto ministries at home

Please Expect to:

(1) Go through an application process including (a) a missions application form completion and (b) an interview

(a) Application due on 9/12 (Wed) by 6pm
→ [link to application is below]

(b) Interview will be followed and arranged by the Team Leader.
***The application process for this small group will take 1 week. During this time period you will be interviewed by your mission’s team leader. Your willingness to go through this application process may NOT guarantee a spot on the Japan Missions Team. Please, also understand that this interview process may complicate your chance to be involved in other NHM small groups due to the interview process.***

(2) Attend all the scheduled meetings, ***4 weeks prior to actual departure date are MANDATORY meetings NO EXCEPTIONS***

(3) Actively participate in the missions training and preparation, which may require extra time commitment

(4) Spiritually be trained and prepared to share the gospel on the Japan Winter Missions 2019 (1/17~1/21) to Fukuoka, Japan

(5) Be willing to help build the missions team and encourage those in the missions field

4. Then, How to Join the Team?

(1) Register for Japan Winter Missions Small Group ONLINE first.

(2) Prayerfully fill out the Missions Application by 6pm on 9/12 (Wed) (link is below).

(3) The Team Leader will contact you with more details for the interview to set up.

(4) FOR RETURNEES: Please also submit a 1 page testimony (no longer) of past Japan missions experience by email to ginamcisaac@gmail.com

(5) Thank you for reading all this faithfully and prayerfully. We hope and pray that this may have challenged you to consider Japan as a missions field for you.


1. A professing believer and follower of Christ who desires to be a lifelong ambassador for Christ

2. An active member of New Harvest Ministry

3. Each first-time applicant is expected to go through an application process including filling out the application form and going through an interview with the team leader.
TYPE: English Only
FOCUS GROUP: JAPAN MISSIONS TEAM SMALL GROUP (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays @ 3:15pm
LOCATION: Hope Hall Room 207
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: costs associated with going on the trip (tbd)