2019-2020 Winter Short-Term Missions

Those interested in participating in our winter short-term missions can apply through here.


This small group is for the Japan Winter Missions 2020 to Fukuoka, Japan.

DATES: 1/9 (Thu) -1/13 (Mon), 2020
Application due on 9/18 (Wed) by 9pm

“As recipients of grace, we will want to give back to God.” (Gospel, J.D. Greear)

To springboard off of what J.D. Greear challenged in Gospel, Japan Winter Missions Team plans to continue this journey of living out His Good News:

(1) by exploring the explicit depths of the Gospel through studying the Book of Romans together, and
(2) by striving to apply the Gospel truths while preparing for; during the short term mission trip; and after returning home, where our long term mission is at hand.

Why Japan Now?
Japan surprisingly is one of the most unreached countries in the world despite the arrival of missionaries in Japan 500 years ago. With less than 1% of its population being Christian, pastors are now growing older than ever and missionaries are being burned out left and right. Yet, we have this Good News that is the very power for salvation to everyone who believes as Paul states in Romans 1, and as the recipients of Jesus’ redemptive power and grace, how can we hold back from going and sharing the Gospel with our most unreached neighbors?

1. Our Vision:
(1) Equip the members first to work out their faith to powerfully testify the depth and the height of His love and grace
(2) Encourage the local church to keep on spreading the gospel with much power and authority
(3) Experience first hand the love and power of the gospel, mobilizing both our home church and partnering church in Japan

2. This Is How We Will Reach Out to the Locals in Fukuoka, Japan:
(1) College Ministry – reach out to the college students
(2) Street Evangelism – invite the community to church events
(3) Member Care – encourage the members at Fukuoka Agape Christ Church and visit smaller struggling churches in northern Kyushu area

3. As a Japan Missions Team, We Will Focus On:
(1) Studying God’s Word – the book of Romans, to explore the depth of the Gospel and apply
(2) Experiencing God at work in us and through us, as we learn to be loved by God and love others
(3) Developing relationships with one another to grow and apply the Gospel in life and on mission
(4) Praying and building accountability for one another to witness the power of our Lord Jesus Christ
(5) Cultivating a heart of servanthood and unity to work as a team on the mission and then onto ministries at home

Please Expect to:
(1) Go through an application process including (a) a missions application form completion and (b) an interview
(a) Application due on 9/18 (Wed) by 9pm
→ [link to application is below]
(b) Interview will be followed and arranged by the Team Leader for 9/21 (Sat)
***Please, keep in mind that your willingness to go through this application process may NOT guarantee a spot on the Japan Missions Team. Also, please understand that this interview process may complicate your chance to get involved in other NHM small groups due to the application process.***
(2) Attend all the scheduled meetings, ***4 weeks prior to actual departure date are MANDATORY meetings NO EXCEPTIONS***
(3) Actively participate in the missions training and preparation, which may require extra time commitment on Saturdays too
(4) Be ready to be F.A.T.! (Flexible, Available, and Teachable)
(5) Be willing to build up the missions team unity and encourage those in the missions field

4. Then, How to Join the Team?
(1) Prayerfully fill out the Missions Application by 9pm on 9/18 (Wed) (link is below).
(2) The Team Leader will contact you with more details for 9/21 (Sat) interview set up.
(3) FOR RETURNEES: Please submit a 1 page vision statement (no longer) describing you are expecting for the mission by email to parksungmee@gmail.com.
(4) Thank you for reading all this faithfully and prayerfully. We hope and pray that this may have challenged you to consider Japan as a missions field for you.

1. A professing believer and follower of Christ who desires to be a lifelong ambassador for Christ
2. An active member of New Harvest Ministry – either a member or will complete the membership class in October
3. Each first-time applicant is expected to go through an application process including filling out the application form and going through an interview with the organizing committee.

TYPE: English-Speaking
FOCUS GROUP: JAPAN MISSIONS TEAM SMALL GROUP (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays @ 1:30pm
MEETING PLACE: near church
LOCATION: Cafe Proust
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: cost of drink (weekly) and costs associated with going on the trip (tbd)