Fall 2019 Parents Group

This is not a traditional NHM small group, it is primarily a parents’ fellowship group.


This is not a traditional NHM small group, it is primarily a parents’ fellowship group. Here you will meet other Christians in a similar stage of life who understand what you are going through and can share life and experiences with you. There is no group size limit, no attendance commitment, and no homework. You CAN attend this group while attending another small group. Parents bring their children to this group.

This group primarily is targeted at new parents (kids 0-5 years old), but parents of older children are welcome to join (bring your experience!) as well as those who are pregnant with their first child (get prepared!).

We meet fairly regularly after service and are currently searching for a permanent location. Due to the effort of meeting without a good location and the varied schedules and energy levels of parents, our meetings are not weekly but whenever enough members are available and up to it. We also hold meetings at other times (nights for split Dad talk/Mom talk, babysitting nights to take turns letting parents go out for a date, play groups, etc). Join our kakao group to stay updated and see where meetings will be held each time.

Take some time to develop real relationships with other Christian parents in a low-stress environment. This group should not be a burden but rather a help and support. You can come for one meeting or every meeting, whatever works for you, but if you come a few weeks in a row you’ll probably want to come all the time. We have a great time with one another. Join us!
TYPE: English-Speaking
FOCUS GROUP: PARENTS (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays right after the service
LOCATION: Grace Chapel
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible