Fall 2020 Parents Fellowship Group

This is not a traditional NHM small group, it is primarily a parents fellowship group.


NOTE: You CAN attend this group while joining another small group.

Life with kids is tough. It’s rewarding, but oh so tiring. Throw in six months of COVID distancing and many parents are going absolutely crazy, starved for a little time with other Christian adults. You need fellowship! And so do we. So bring your kids and come join us after service at my house, a short walk from church, to fellowship with other Christian parents (and their kids!) who understand what you are going through and can walk through life with you. We finally have a permanent location for this group to meet, and it is by far the best one yet.

This group has:
1) No attendance commitment. Come whenever you can.
2) No homework. It’s a plus if you can attend or watch the sermon, but not required.
3) No blockout from simultaneously attending another small group. You can join both.
4) No problems with children. In fact, you need to at least have a child to come (pregnant counts).
5) A stable, very child-friendly location to meet. We have a yard, a kid’s playroom, and more.
6) Occasional bonuses, like babysitting nights
7) Great food (when COVID restrictions don’t prevent it)
8) A warm, friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy real fellowship with the church community

We follow a flexible meeting structure that includes both formal and informal discussion elements, but primarily we focus on getting to know one another, talking about the Bible and how it affects our lives, and having a really good time together. Come join us again, or if you haven’t been a part of the group before come see what it is all about!
TYPE: English-Speaking
FOCUS GROUP: PARENTS AND CHILDREN (BORN OR UNBORN) ONLY (please read description carefully)
DAY AND TIME: Sundays right after the service
MEETING PLACE: Home (walking distance from Church)
LOCATION: near Church
BOOK COST: none (use your own Bible)