Film Production


To glorify God with our work by producing videos showing His character.

As Christians, we are commanded to love. And love should come with a level of intimacy and compassion. Too often however, we become comfortable hearing about each other just on Sundays. We hardly get to hear the stories of each ministry. The ongoing battle with our busy schedules has prevented us from knitting a tighter community. Ministries do not always have the time to share with the community, nor does the community have a consistent channel to hear about it.

So that is where the Film Production Ministry comes in. If NHM is a church made of small groups, and if small groups are made of members, we will show who the members are and what they are experiencing. We believe that once the leaders, ministries, and members begin to learn more about each other, it is inevitable that we will treat the church with more care, love, and ownership. After all, we are one family in Christ.

Our aim is to bring more intimacy within our community by serving as a medium for NHM leaders, ministries, and members to get to know more about each other in the form of media.


John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
To build a family with more care, love, and ownership for our church.

Core Values

Humble beginnings – never forget who it is that allowed for growth
Always seek first the Kingdom of God – seek out what He wants heard
Give to God what is the best – strive to offer only the finest craft
Work hard for God – do not work out of fear of His will not being done; He is sovereign
Discipleship – work as disciples, to spread His love
Joyous environment – enjoy the gift you have
Prayer – always, whether it is for direction, clarity, or thanksgiving


New Harvest Member
Attendance and promptness; don’t be late!
Meet two to four times a month (schedule will vary once in production)
Minimum six-month commitment (two-month probation period)
Some experience required for camera, audio, & editing positions
Team player, social skills, administrative skills, creativity, and tech savviness are a plus
Willingness to submit and seek God first is a must!


Producer – overall manager, budgeting, communicating between ministries, etc
Director – planning, directing, casting, storyboards, etc
Assistant – helping the producer or director
Writer- writing stories, creative ideas, screenplays, etc
Camera & Audio – filming, recording, data management
Post Production – graphic designing, editing, coloring, etc.
Actors & Announcers – to fill roles for production
Sponsors – funding project costs