Preschool & Kindergarten Ministry

Welcome to our Preschool & Kindergarten Ministry (Ages 4-6)

The Preschool & Kindergarten class is a dedicated Godly Play room which means we seek to foster an environment that allows children to learn about God and Godly truths in the way they learn about everything: through play. It is a decidedly child-centric program that moves the focus from a teacher facilitating all elements of Sunday school to allowing a child’s natural curiosity to lead their learning about God.

Toys and activities that do not point your child back to Christ will not be found in the classroom. You will instead find baskets, trays, and containers that hold small items in order for your child to retell the Bible stories they know and engage with stories that they may not know as well.

Each Sunday your child we be welcomed by one of their teachers at the door. This teacher will ensure that your child is calm, ready to join in on the lesson for the day. Your child will be encouraged to sit and enjoy a small snack after which, they will join in the circle with their other teacher and participate in the lesson for the day. At the end of each lesson the children are asked a series of open ended questions so they can engage with the content. Once lesson is finished, they will be invited to choose an item to begin their activity time. Your child may choose to read the Bible, make a craft, or play with the activities on the shelves. This is a great time for the teachers to carefully encourage thoughtful interaction with and deeper understanding of the
Bible via the activities, and do so in a one-on-one setting.

Since your child is free to choose any activity in the room, they may or may not have any physical “work” such as a craft to carry home for the day. They may have spent their time constructing the tabernacle, re-enacting the last supper, or retelling the story from that week. This also means they may choose to play with the same activity for several weeks in a row. This is all part of the process and we welcome their focus on a singular activity and the Biblical Truths associated with that story in the Bible.