Small Group Outreach Ideas

SG Ideas for Outreach

– Picking up trash in Gangnam either before or after service
– Prayer walking. Interceding for politicians, police, service workers, businesses, and the people. Asking God how He may be calling us to serve the community
– Homeless outreach: If you are planning of going with the NHM Homeless outreach you must contact Mike Manaege to schedule an open day for your SG to serve
– Open Air Praise and preaching: Hitting the streets and praising God and preaching and talking to people who stop and are interested
– Prayer stations: you see the palm and tarot card readers, what about prayer to the heavenly father stations where people can just share their prayer requests and you pray for them
– Street cleaning: Yup pick up an city sanctioned garbage back, some work gloves, and perhaps some tongs and start cleaning up those streets, and if someone asks you – you can tell what and why you are doing it.
– Giving out stuff: water bottles with messages, or wetness with a message, etc..
– the baking outreach? I think Monica has the contact info for this
– delivery coal
– NK English Bible camp
– having a fun day with Banseok (NK) students
– English conversation drop in class
– handing out roses
– serving Aeronwon (helps single moms)
– habitat for humanity
– Angel’s Haven:
– outreach to the military: writing thank you letters, giving gift packages, etc.
– general community service orgs

SG Ideas for Sunday Serving
– Praise song for Offering
– Intercession prayer 15 minutes before service begins with the intercessory prayer team
– Intercession prayer 20 minutes before service by going around and praying for each chair, that God would powerfully touch the person that will sit there, covering everyone in prayer
– Stand outside and greet and welcome people as they enter in and ask if they need any help ( you can even go out to gangnam daero and invite people to come to NHM – 30minutes before service starts)
– Split the SG into teams of three and each team invites three others out for coffee and treat them – so six go out and get to know each other. (especially meaningful for those who are new to NHM)
– Treats on the chairs with scripture, or meaningful messages
– Even though we (pastoral staff) love all the food provided by past SG’s, it’s better if SG’s share with the whole of the congregation. *Making lunch for “pastors” can be additional bonus points
– SG members come 15 minutes early and start mingling and getting to know others who are early to service.
– SG Members come and pray on Friday Night,