6 MONTH COMMUNITY HOME GROUPS will physically gather for every meeting unless prohibited by the government or due to church leadership discretion will it go online.

1) Please sign up for one community group only. Signing up for more than one group takes away a spot for another person wanting to join.
2) Please read the descriptions carefully so you register for an appropriate group. Doing so will ensure you get into the right group and not have to sign up again, as groups might become full when you try to sign up again.


Community. Fellowship. Relationships. Doing Life Together. The buzz words for today! We’ve heard them before. We know they’re important. But, how exactly do we live this?

‘Koinonia’ is the Greek, used for fellowship in the Bible and it means communion “sharing in common’ with the Lord and with others. And this is exactly what I hope this group will be, we will be sharing in common this journey of life we are each on. Eating together, praying together, reading the Bible together, memorizing Scripture together, encouraging each other, holding each other accountable, sharing our struggles, messiness, happiness and joys together. As we are and have been loved by God, let us be that outpouring of love with each other.

In this long term community group our goal is to grow more in love with God and that this love would be evident in how we treat and share life together. Here are some things you can expect:
1. Eating together after the church service
2. Actively listening & actively participating
3. Sharing application from the sermon
4. Praying together and being accountable with another
5. Meditating & memorizing Scripture
TYPE: English Only
DAY AND TIME: Sundays @ 2:30pm
LENGTH OF GROUP: WEEK OF JANUARY 24 TO WEEK OF AUGUST 8 (with a break in the middle)
LOCATION: Itaewon Station (이태원역) (Line 6)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: a meal each week (around 10,000 weekly)


[FAM – Fun and Meaningful! Da F.A.M. Group] closed
What’s your family like? Haha I have tons of stories about my mom’s dishes from out of the space and my sister’s little quirks about so many different things and on and on…

That’s what we want to accomplish as a ‘home’ community group – creating memories together just like a family and sharing lives together through praise and prayer. As a spiritual FAMily, we want to build da F(un) A(nd) Meaningful Group – da FAM Group!

We, at NHM, all come from so many walks of life, let alone many parts of the world. However different we may all be, life is still better together when we can share it with others:

1) as we break bread together (if and when online, we will still try to eat together via zoom);
2) laugh and cry (as we share lives stories of ups and downs);
3) and spend hours either in deep conversations (like things we learn from our devotions, church-wide Bible reading plan, and of course, the sermon of the week!) or
4) over silly board games (no worries, if and when social distancing, we shall be playing online boardgames).
We all desire to experience this genuine family of Christ-centered people who are being transformed by Jesus each day and committed to making disciples of each other, especially such time as this.

So we are looking for committed members who can help build a ‘home’ community group at NHM. As a home group, we are not just trying to create a clique, but we want to build this community of spiritual family that will help grow one another in faith, especially during this special time of the pandemic.

Please be prayerful when deciding. A spiritual family won’t be built in a day. We will be expected to go the extra mile for one another and encourage one another to walk in the light together as a family in Christ.
TYPE: English Only
DAY AND TIME: Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
LENGTH OF GROUP: WEEK OF JANUARY 24 TO WEEK OF AUGUST 8 (with a break in the middle)
LOCATION: Namsan Area, Dongguk University Station (동대입구역) (Line 3)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: monthly collection for dinner/snack cost


[GOD WILLING] closed

Have you ever wondered what a community driven by God is like?

In this Community Group (CG), we will search for the answers together. We will eat together and study the Bible together once a week in the setting of a lovely Christian household. And in doing so, we will learn to BE a God driven community.

Our discussions each week will be based on the sermon from that week. We will learn about God together by encouraging each other to apply the message of the sermon and praying for one another.

The format of this CG is a little different from the previous SGs:
1) This CG goes for two terms: 1/27~8/11(about 7 months w/ a break in the middle).
2) This CG will be held in the house of a host (near church [Seocho Station]).
3) This CG officially starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.
(w/ 6:30p.m. to 7:00p.m. arrival time)
4) This CG will eat dinner together.
5) This CG will have community events (potluck / Minimum 2 Fun days / church event / etc.).

So please:
1) Be prepared for the long-term fellowship
2) Be on time
3) Be respectful for the host’s house rules and property
4) Be prepared to bring your own food
5) Come with a prayerful heart

I pray for your Godly growth!

1 Peter 3:8 – Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.

* Corona Protocol:
– If we cannot meet in person during the Covid-19, we will be meeting online. We will still be eating online together.
TYPE: English Only
DAY AND TIME: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
LENGTH OF GROUP: WEEK OF JANUARY 24 TO WEEK OF AUGUST 8 (with a break in the middle)
LOCATION: near Church, Seocho Station (서초역) (Line 2)
ADDITIONAL COSTS: 20,000 won for Fun Days / Cost of Personal Dinner (weekly) / additional cost TBD