Short Term Missions Application (Summer 2018)

updated 3/18/18

Albania: SAT 7/14 – SAT 7/21
Myanmar: SAT 7/21 – SAT 7/28

March 18, 2018 – April 8, 2018

Anyone interested in participating in a missions trip in New Harvest Ministry must read the following and fill out the necessary forms. Your answers on this form will be CONFIDENTIAL and will be reviewed only by the pastor(s) and the missions team leader.

So before filling out the form, please carefully read the questions and be honest. And most importantly PRAY before filling out the form.

Important Information for Mission Trip Applicants to Know

  1. All members of the mission trip must have completed (or will complete) the Membership Class at NHM, even if you’ve completed the class at Sarang.
  2. All members of the mission trip must be committed to attending all the Mission Prep Meetings/Trainings. (10-12 weeks). If you need to miss a training, you must get it approved by the team leader in advance.
  3. Part of the missions training will include attendance at ETC (Elementary Training Class) (2 sessions). Attendance is required in order to require financial support from Sarang.


  1. Good interpersonal skills
  2. (Must be a team player, must not have a self-serving attitude, must be ready to share and serve with the rest of the mission team)

  3. Spiritual maturity
  4. (Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, an understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life, and have had a consistent walk with the Lord)

  5. Social, emotional, and personal maturity
  6. (Must have the qualities of teachability, adaptability, flexibility, and self-discipline. A proactive
    person is strongly recommended)

  7. Submission to those in authority
  8. (Is always willing and ready to follow the decisions of the pastors and team leaders trusting that God put that responsibility on them)

  9. A servant attitude
  10. (A willingness to fill any need if necessary, even if it’s not part of their “job description”; a willingness to work not just in their areas of strength)

  11. Realistic expectations
  12. (Has the proper perspective by realizing that ultimately God will do the greatest good according to His will)

  13. Some ministry experience and an ability to clearly share their faith and testimony
  14. (Has the willingness to share their testimony and the gospel message of Christ in all circumstances to all people)

  15. Ability to relate cross-culturally
  16. (Is sensitive to other cultures as well as their own, and not given into personal cultural biases)

  17. Morally sound
  18. (1 Timothy 3 outlines qualifications necessary for those who desire to be spiritual leaders. Those qualifications include being “above reproach” and having a “good reputation”. In light of this, there is a great concern about the area of moral purity for participants. It is critical that each Short Term Missions trainee exhibits strong convictions and a lifestyle consistent with Biblical standards. A past problem in this area does not necessarily disqualify an applicant provided that it can be determined that convictions are strong and consistent with Scripture, and a sufficient “time-tested” track record of victory has been established)

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