Women’s Care Ministry


To help fellow Sisters in Christ be set free to be whole in Christ and replace ungodly beliefs with empowering truths revealed by God.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)


Women’s Care Ministry is a safe place for sharing and acceptance for individuals who are seeking focused spiritual help to overcome life’s struggles in a gentle, compassionate manner.

We minister one-on-one in the Spirit and love of Christ through His living Word and focused prayer. The session will include, but not limited to, discussions about the foundational areas of one’s life and prayer.

By Appointment

Women’s Care Ministry sessions are by appointment only. Each session is scheduled for about an hour. Please email at newharvestcare@gmail.com to make an appointment.


I’m really thankful for the Women’s Care Ministry; it gave me a safe place to share my struggles with God-centered women. They listened to me, prayed for me, challenged me, and never judged me.

I’d first heard about this ministry from a fellow sister at NHM. I made an appointment and when I arrived two sisters sat with me and we just talked about the things I was struggling with. Just verbalizing my internal dilemma helped to lessen its power over me. They shared scriptures that spoke truth into my heart. They prayed for me and with me. There is hope and power in praying together. During the week they’d check in me with me a few times to see how I was doing. They just really walked with me like Jesus does. And at that time in my life I really needed that. I was blessed by them and the love and care they showed me.

There is something special about women gathering together to love, to comfort, to encourage, and also to challenge each other. The Women’s Care Ministry is a great opportunity to come together and help one another grow in their relationship with God and with each other.

Dele Olanubi


I am very thankful to NHM Women’s Care Ministry for being a safe place to talk about struggles, fears and failures. I was very grateful to not only be listened to lovingly but also to be lovingly prayed for, rebuked and encouraged with scripture and strategies.

I started attending as I was struggling with burn-out and overwhelm and knowing they were on my side and available to talk and pray with each week helped me make it through a hard and lonely time in which I wanted to give up and quite literally didn’t know how I would make it through.

I feel that life here is so busy that it’s easy to be swept away and let bad habits take hold. I found this ministry to be integral in helping me to focus on myself and get honest about my faith and how I’m living it out. This has helped me integrate changes rather than continue to relive the same mistakes and feel stuck in the ensuing feelings of guilt and failure that patterns bring. Too often we prioritize everything else over our true needs and then we and other suffer as a result.

Erin Fitzsimons


Prior to my counseling sessions with NHM’s Women’s Ministry I was having trouble sleeping. I spent countless nights trying to figure out what was wrong, trying to fix my sleeping pattern as if it was a physical issue. At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to delve deeper and see if it was a spiritual aspect of my life that was leading to such anxiety and restlessness. As I went into the counseling sessions, I quickly came to realize that life is not divided into the physical and the spiritual. Rather, they are closely intertwined. As I was counseled and led in Jesus-centered conversations, I began seeing the root issues with more clarity.

I had so many conflicting thoughts in my head but never an answer. Whether it was about my value or my past experiences, my anxiety never left me because I didn’t know how to silence the negative voices and tune into God’s voice for me and my life. But through the weekly counseling sessions, I slowly gained control over these thoughts in my head. I learned that the longer you believe the lies and voices of deception, the more you are feeding it. I was made aware that I have to take responsibility for the things I choose to hear. It is pointless to pray and read the word of God every night if we leave it at that. We must take the things we hear and read, and believe it. But this is where I had to take a leap of faith, as facing your fears and believing in hope can be a scary thing if you’ve been living in fear for so long.

God’s promises for me are too good to be true. But they are, and this is exactly what I was helped me see. God’s love is unfathomable, yet I tried to box it into terms that I could accept. It was an obvious but humbling lesson to learn that I must never bring God down to my level. I no longer go in for sessions nowadays not because I am perfectly healed, but because I learned that there is no end destination. We are always and constantly evolving into the person God moulds to be, and that is the beauty of life with Jesus. We are never perfect, but we are perfect for the season we are in. This acceptance and understanding would have never been possible if not for NHM Women’s ministry. I thank God for allowing this ministry into my life to support me through times of hardship.

– J.D.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at newharvestcare@gmail.com.